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 FEB.  7, 2009

Reported by Awards Chairperson Lisa Booth                            Special Issue       

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Annual Awards for 2008 Fishing Year


Release Awards


Barracuda, Greater              Gussie Leech                                   34 for 7718 points - disc

Bass, Black Sea                 Lorraine Francis                                86 for 9398 points*

Bass, Largemouth               Lorraine Francis                               311 for 28531 points*

Bluefish                          Lisa Yvette Everett                             142 for 12438 points – disc

Bluegill                           Lorraine Francis                                226 for 23264 points*

Catfish, Blue                     Lisa O. Everett                                  85 for 19988 points - diamond

Crappie, Black                    Lisa O. Everett                                 80 for 8300 points – disc

Crappie, White                   Robin Stewart                                  156 for 15600 points - disc

Dolphinfish                       Linda Carmignani                              194 for 22076 points – disc

Drum, Black                      Jean Geddes                                     98 for 18368 points – disc

Drum, Red                        Becky Patrick                                   447 for 92477 points – disc

Flounder, Summer                  Missie Smith                                   135 for 13450 points – disc

Gar, Florida                        Lorraine Francis                               90 for 8447 points*

Grouper, Gag                      Linda Carmignani                              63 for 9009 points - disc

Grouper, Red                       Linda Carmignani                             80 for 11481 points – diamond

Jack, Crevalle                       Sharon Ellenwood                           90 for 7996 points - disc

Ladyfish                            Gussie Leech                                  84 for 8362 points - disc

Mackerel, Cero                      Sharon Ellenwood                           52 for 7730 points – disc

Mackerel, Spanish                     Lorraine Francis                              70 for 14156 points*

Marlin, Striped                        Martha Macnab                             60 for 28325 points – diamond

Peacock, Butterfly                     Sandra Blake                                102 for 10260 points - diamond

Perch, White                        Lisa O. Everett                              86 for 8640 points – disc

Salmon, Chum                       Pam Marmin                                 43 for 10234 points - disc

Seatrout, Spotted                     Rebecca Patrick                            841 for  77858 points – diamond

Shark, Whaler                        Gussie Leech                               31 for 11056 points – diamond

Snapper, Gray                        Sandra Blake                                97 for 8991 points - disc

Snapper, Mutton                      Maria Succop                               50 for 10250 points - disc

Snapper, Red                         Rebecca Patrick                            610 for 85536 points – diamond

Snapper, Yellowtail                     Gussie Leech                                 94 for 9364 points – disc

Snook, Atlantic                       Lorraine Francis                             126 for 24770 points*   

Spadefish, Atlantic                     Becky Patrick                                131 for 27681 points - disc

Sunfish, Redbreast                    Gussie Leech                                 62 for 6200 points – disc

Trout, Brown                         Gwen Hahn                                  62 for 14074 points – disc

Trout, Cutthroat                       Suzanne Peachin                           188 for 16920 points - diamond

Trout, Rainbow                        Beth Falwell                                  77 for 7700 points – disc 

Tuna, Blackfin                          Lorraine Francis                             43 for 13270 points*

*Disc or diamond included as part of the Crowninshield


When you look at the individual reports, you may see three cases where there is another name listed as having the most points, i.e., striped marlin and pacific sailfish in the release awards and Overall Fly in the special awards. These are cases where a member had already won three times and is no longer eligible; therefore the member next in line receives the award.


Special Awards


Ann C. Kunkel Newcomer Award              Becky Patrick                     352780 release points in 2007-2008 - disc

Basco White Marlin Award                     Carole J. Speicher            28 White Marlin for 10426 points – diamond

Bobby Dale Memorial Award                  Lisa O. Everett                    35 Bonefish for 7483 points - disc

Booth Plug Casting Award                       Connie O’Day                    11025 points in 5 species - reel

Fleming Special Tournament Award              Kathy Holeman Venice/Islamorada – 6510 points - diamond

Fly Fishing Release Award                        Gail Kennedy-McManus  14 species for 5098 points - disc

Gini Ferguson Memorial Award                 Linda Carmignani              44 Atlantic Sailfish for 21164 points - diamond

Hahn Atlantic Blue Marlin Award               Serena Wilson                      28 Atlantic Blue Marlin for 8400 points - disc

Overall Fly Fishing Award                              Gwen Hahn                      weighing and releasing 18216.940 points on fly

Sellian Pacific Sailfish Release Award               Molly Fleming              40 Pacific Sailfish for 31791 points – diamond



IWFA Club Records


Barracuda, Great, 8 lb 12 oz on 4 lb test for 839.3 points, Bimini, Bahamas..         Roberta Arostegui – disc

Cobia, 52 lbs on 12 lb test for 1659.84 points, Oregon Inlet, NC……………..          Missie Smith - disc

Grouper, Black, 20 lbs on 30 lb test for 255.199 points, Key West, FL..……..         Roberta Arostegui - diamond

Oscar, 1 lb 8 oz on 4 lb test for 143.880 points, Everglades, FL…………..….           Roberta Arostegui - disc

Shark, Blacktip, 5 lbs 8 oz on 4 lb test for 371 points, Flamingo, FL………….          Roberta Arostegui – disc

Shark, Bonnethead, 7 lbs 8 oz on 4 lb test for 719.4 points, Islamorada, FL……      Gussie Leech – diamond

Snapper, Gray, 2 lbs 4 oz on 4 lb test for 230.207 points, Bimini, Bahamas…       Roberta Arostegui - disc

Snook, Pacific, 31.4 lbs on 8 lb test for 1504.687 points, Golfito, Costa Rica….      Joan Vandergriff - disc

Spadefish, Atlantic, 7.6 lbs on 4 lb test for 707.410 points, Virginia Beach, VA…     Julie Ball - diamond

Trevally, Bluefin, 18 lbs 12 ox on 16 lb test for 478.50 points, Golfito, CR………      Roberta Arostegui - disc



Anne D. Crowninshield Trophy

Member who obtains the most release points with a 5000 point limit on each species.

Lorraine Francis

125,964 release points in 47 species




Kay Rybovich Trophy

Member who weighs and/or releases the most variety of fish. 

The total number of different species is calculated and points are not considered.

Roberta Arostegui

73 species



Ginny Sherwood Trophy

Member who obtains the most weight points with a 5000 point limit on each species.

Dr. Julie Ball

57,004.392 weight points in 24 species



When you view the Sherwood Report, you will note that Lorraine had the most points.  Our rules state that you may not win more than one of these top trophies; therefore, the Sherwood would then go to the member second in line.  This would be Julie’s third win and would make her ineligible in the future due to our “three times and you’re out” ruling.


The review period expires February17th and any and all questions, protests, and/or complaints must be in writing to the Awards Chairman by this date.


What a year of fishing it was!  Lisa