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Your Friday cobia fishing report was spot on. Yesterday we boated nine cobia only one of which was over 37". The big news is that we also landed two citation red drum, both measured 48" and we're caught on croakers by Scott Misner while chumming at the York Spit area for cobia.
Citation paperwork was completed at Wallace's.
We really enjoy your weekly fishing reports, keep up the good work!


Dear Julie,

I met you a few years ago at Bay Point Marina(Great Neck Rd.) when you had gone to Lynnhaven Inlet with an older man on his boat for some flounder/puppy drum fishing, and I was doing a creel/catch fishing survey there for MACRO. I truly enjoy your fishing articles as I am also an avid angler without all the World Records you possess!! I have a marine biology degree from ODU, and we are truly blessed & I am thankful about the great saltwater fishing here in SE Virginia. I have a few Citation awards for Spots & Sea mullets from NC. Also, I have come close in VA several times for Spotted seatrout citations in VA. Anyway, you go girl. You are truly an awesome & well-respected angler more than you might realize!! Hope to see you again soon. Take care.

Your friend,
Joe McDonough



From the home page to the calander its all delightful. What a great pass time to have photos of your passion and friends doing what they do best.

I've heard your name mentioned several times before but after enjoying your web sight, I'll be looking forward to your post and hope you see you on the water.

Ultimate Assault
31Te Fountain
21 Bay Hydra Sports
Nixonton NC








Here I sit in Sitka, Alaska...missing the Kings and Silvers...Today was our first snow....the boats are coming out of the water and being shrink wrapped.... and then I came across your amazing collection of fishing pics from your devoted fans....I grew up fishing off the Jersey shore and the Chesapeak Bay... and it's making me want to come down that way just to spend some time fishing where you can actually do it in shorts and a t-shirt...what a great site...
George B Sitka, AK



hi Julia, im Mike from PA. and i ran into you on a fishing boat out of Rudee inlet this past summer, around June and you actually helped me get that bass off my line. thanks again, and its great to view this site because im coming down again for a week and would love to do some more fishing. your site is exceptional. thanks again....Mike ODonnell from PA.

Hello Dr. Julie,

Your website is awesome....lots of good information and tips. I have heard about you for years around here but never visited your website. Last May (2008) I upgraded to a little bit bigger boat. My son passed away in June then I lost my Father in December. Grieving can affect you in a lot of ways, one of mine was I lost my desire to fish. I only fished 4 times in 2008. I don't have any family in Virginia so facing the agony of mourning the death of a child was pretty hard. Since then, God has really helped me through the valley of death. This year my love for fishing is returning. Last Friday afternoon (May 8th) I caught a nice 58" Black Drum with a successful release off Fisherman's Island. My friend was with me, he caught a 49" release 5 minutes later. Anyway, thought I would share a photo of my fish with you which pales in comparison to your awesome photo gallery!
Mr. Palmer's Drum

Your Brother in Christ,
Hollis Palmer

Dr. Julie Ball,

I think you are the bomb!! You provide us with such awesome fishing reports and tips and tricks. I finally caught my first tautog yesterday. We were fishing by the cutout past the 4th island and caught 6 beauties. Two of our 6 fish were citations.
Dual Togs Hank's Tog
One was 11 lbs and the other one was 9 lbs. Mine was 7 lbs. Our smallest fish was 6 lbs. I love tautog fishing. I look forward to catching many more and learning how to catch citations of multiple species from reading your posts on your website. Thanks for taking the time to teach us other anglers your wealth of knowledge and helpful fishing hole hints.


Hello Dr. Julie,

My name is Susie Bradshaw. I am a 53 years old, married, have 2 grown daughters (Shunta and Ashanti), 1 grand child (Alexandria aka Moo-Moo, 1 on the way, and I love to fish especially offshore wreck fishing.

I was so impressed to see such a lovely, young woman such as yourself with the fishing expertise and knowledge I just had to write you and tell you I think it is so wonderful that a woman can enjoy the pleasure and fun that some (not all) think that only men can have.

It is my pleasure to read and know about you. Although I will soon be on dialysis (kidney failure), I will always love to fish and maybe one day I may see you out on the water. I go fishing with the head boats out of Rudee Inlet and I am sure I have seen your picture on their web site.

Well, I've got to get back to work, just wanted to let you know you have a new fan.

Happy fishing!!!!!!

Susie M. Bradshaw


Dr. Ball,

there are few things that lift my spirit as much as seeing a beautiful woman who loves to fish and is truly skilled at it. Flattery aside, I'm curious if kayak fishing has taken off on the east coast like it has down here on the Gulf Coast. I was getting to be a pretty good surf caster, but then everyone decided to start taking their kayaks beyond the breakers after kingfish, sharks and even tarpon. I was inclined to think they're crazy but it seems to gaining in popularity not just along the Texas coast but also along the rest of the Gulf Coast. So I figured I'd ask an expert along the East Coast if this is an isolated phenomenon or if you are also seeing it.

I read a number of your articles and it seem that, except for the seasonal differences in water temp in our respective areas, there are more similarity in the habits of inshore species than differences. Anyway after a hiatus from saltwater fishing, I'm getting back into it as my 2009 goal. I turned down several offers to go offshore last year, that is not going to be the case for this coming year. lol To help me keep my resolution I'll order one of your calendars to remind me to get out and go fishing. I will wish you a happy New Year and thank you for all you do to promote the sport.

Sincerely Art
somewhere in South Texas
near the Laguna Madre


Dr. Ball,

We have never had the pleasure to meet but my daughter and I read and look forward to your reports like kids on christmas morning..Just thought i'd send you a couple pictures of her successful year thus far..She is now in highschool at 14 years old and the volleyball and basketball coaches have stolen my fishing partner for awhile.. Just thought you all resemble one another alot and share the same passion for fishing...
Haylee's Striper

Best wishes, Donald and Haylee Bowers

Dr. Julie,

Just wanted to say that the March issue of Sportsman Magazine without an article from you was much like a meal of "spagetti without the meatballs". I must have fanned through its pages five times before I accepted as fact that an article from you wasn't there....and then on top of that...I almost missed your Friday TD fishing report. As once before, I then turned to your website and found your March 7th report...which led me back to the TD whereat I did find your report... but with some editing....and without your name recognition.
Again thank goodness for your website. Lots of anglers would be very disappointed should the site disappear. It just bets better with each viewing....and articles and other sources in your site are wealth of information that readers can refer to time and time again. . ..

On a serious note, I continue to be amazed at your level of activities....to include not only your fishing research and writing skills, but also US Coast Guard duties, your IGFA involvements, personal appearance schedules, private tutoring, and probably much more I'm not aware of....not to even mention time for your own personal life as well.

Also noted your recent involvement of the certification of the new state record Striped Bass.

Thanks again for all you do...and continue to take good care of yourself!

Sincerely, Jerry P. of Prince George
DR. Julie Ball,
I want to tell you how much I appreciate your site. It is very informative and your reports are right on. I live about 4 hours from the coast, so it means a lot when I can check your fishing reports and trust them to be honest. Thank you for all the hard work you must put in to keep your site up to date.
Thanks again,
Bryant H.

Good morning,

I am a huge fan of yours and have been for years. You certainly do have a talent for fishing. It was a pleasure to see you and meet you at Bass Pro Shop on Saturday evening. Thank you for your advice on the fishing reels. So what do you have a dr. in?

Best of fishing!
Chris B.

Hi Dr. Julie, This is Ken, I phoned you to confirm ordering my calendar. They are beautiful like you, thank you again. These are the first salmon that I have ever caught and it felt good.
Salmon Salmon Salmon
Work is all I have ever done and at the age of 61 it has been a life with no fun and a lot of mistakes. Last year after researching and looking up many web sites about fishing and fishing gear I found your site which certainly gave me a boost. Why it just made me want to go out the door and start fishing right now. Please accept that as a compliment, Dr. Julie.

It would be great to hear some fishing stories and I could only imagine the different fishing gear that you have. Thank you again for the calendars, it seems that I am checking them often to see what day of the week this is!! Sincerely,
Ken W.

Hi Dr. Julie,

Missed you in the TD this past Friday....checked your site....and saw nothing new....and just now....having finished putting some tax papers together....decided to check your site again..and there was your up-to-date fishing report. WHOOPEE!

BTW: Enjoyed meeting you and listening to your seminar on "Taugs" at the Mac Event boat show in Richmond. You taught me some interesting points I'd never heard of ...and thoroughly dispelled some things I have been told by others. Your big taug was a monster.

FYI: A personal comment and compliment! The biggest surprise in meeting you was your size...you are really rather 'petite' (which is very nice). The only reason I bring that up is that in checking out your fishing pictures it doesn't seem to show among the others in the pictures....and you are often shown holding some really good sized fish without showing any signs of strain...fish large enough, that in comparison, I see some of your male fishing companions appearing to be showing a bit of effort in holding their fish up for the camera. Keep up your good work and continue to take good care of yourself (not that I need to tell you that last part)

Jerry P

Hi Julie,

I've read your recent posts on tidalfish.com and have viewed your website (I must admit, your fishing resume is most impressive!). The line below that you posted on tidalfish particularly caught my attention...

" I love "girly girls"...I'm one. Feminine women make the best anglers, no "Tom boys" here...."

As a proud new father of a beautiful 4-month-old daughter, I'd love to know what it was that, as a young girl (assuming that you didn't take up fishing later in life), hooked you into fishing and kept your interest as you grew older? I obviously have plenty of time to think about this before my daughter is ready to join me in fishing, but I have such a passion for fishing that nothing would make me happier than to see my daughter someday share that same passion with me.

I have seen time and time again friend's daughters, my nieces, etc, excited about fishing when they were young, as it was something new and exciting or something that they could do with daddy when they were younger, but once they get a little older, the interest always fizzles out.

Was there anything (or anyone) in particular that not only grabbed your attention as a child but helped drive you toward the passion that you have for the sport today?

As an avid viewer of ESPN outdoors, the Outdoor channel, etc, I so often hear these networks pushing conservation and encouraging "the next generation" to embrace fishing, yet I am always amazed that their programming, for the most part, remains the same "good 'ol boy" network that is always has been and lacks a solid, positive female influence.

I commend you for being an excellent role model to young female anglers!

Eric B.
Hello Dr. Ball,  I'm somewhat new to fishing and have found your website very informative and entertaining. 

I'm just starting out in the Charter Boat Business. We plan to do some fishing, but mostly pleasure cruises.

Perhaps we'll have the honor of fishing with you in the near future.

Good luck out on the water and  thank you again for providing such an informative site.

Sincerely, Keith W.


I enjoy your articles for two reasons: 1)You impart good practical information, and 2)You're truly a good writer, unlike so many who know the subject matter but can't write clearly, concisely or in logical sequence. Reading your material is like a breath of fresh air!


Good morning Dr Ball,

Let me re-iterate, your site is one of the best out there. Great job supplying all the fishing info and related links.

Now, I have one specific question...Can you offer some methods, such as times, tides, locations, etc... for local speckled trout action? I have read several articles on the fish in areas like Louisiana and have actually caught some 24+ inchers out of Baffin Bay/Corpus Christ, TX, but the lower Chesapeake Bay specks seem to be eluding me quite well since I moved up here. Any info will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance and hope to someday see you on the water!

"Fishin" Rod
I just wanted to say Thanks for all you do ! For the Sportfishermen & Sportfisherwomen! Im disabled & I have been unable To salt water fish Fish for nearly 5 years now it is killing Me ! My Dad & I own A Place on the Eastern Shore in Townsend Va. & we own another Place in Kure Beach NC We eat breathe sleep Fishing ! But all I want to do is go fishing again ! My Dad needs his first mate Back ! We fish For Tarpon on The eastern Shore Red Drum, Black Drum , Tautog Black Sea Bass ! Tuna Dolphin King Mackeral Amberjack You name It ! Take Care Dr. Julie Ball write Back if you can Thanks Your Fellow Virginian sportfisherman & Marine conservationist
Kenneth W. V.
My just-turned 13 year old daughter saw all the specks I have been catching using MirrorLures. She loves to fish with me(kayak) and wanted me to show her how to use one. I took her down to the York River behind Va. Power and I gave her a quick leason on how to use one. Then I turned her loose and about fifteen minutes later she reels in her first speck ever, 17" and she released him to fight another day. Thank you, she loves visiting your web-site!
Forrest Short

Thanks Julie, thought you might like to see what I was doing at buoy 62
on the last day of the season out of Indian creek Kitano, VA. 44 inches!
2007 Striper
Have a great new year!

Thank you so very much for a generous gift and calendar. The picture of you and the Red is truly amazing!!!

You are prominently displayed on my wall of fame with my other Sporting Heroes: Muhammad Ali; Andre Agassi; Michael Jordan; Bill Cowher; Rod Woodson; Mia Hamm; and Tony Dungy.
You are truly a Class Act, and a dedicated professional who willingly gives backs to the sport she loves.

Thank you again, Julie, for being such caring person and I wish you continued success for many years to come.
D. D.,
Dear Dr. Ball,
I'm planning to order 4 calendars for my fishing buddies. I really enjoy reading your articles and the how-to's on catching more fish. My dream is to one day meet you in person. My best friend has met you before.
Thank you for you help. Best wishes to you and your family during this holiday season!

Michael K.
Dr. Julie,

I grew up in Connecticut fishing the Long Island Sound and fresh water lakes. So I'm learning about the fishing in this area from my boss.

My boss introduced your web site to me, and I found it very informative and your accomplishments are simply amazing . He belongs to a local fishing club, and he was showing some of the fish in this area through your pictures. You are my new fishing hero.

When I brought your calendar to work and showed it to him, and said thank you for the wonderful gift. I didn't have the heart to tell him that I had purchased the calendar for myself. He looked like a kid on Christmas morning.

So I decided just to buy another calendar and ask you if you would autograph another one for me.

Thank you for taking the time to send your note, I hope you and your family have a wonderful Holiday Season and all the very best throughout the New Year.

I hope my story gave you a chuckle.

Take care,

Hey Julie,
I received the calendars. They are great! Your smile is infectious!
Thanks !!
Dr Ball,

Wow! Is there any thing you haven't caught? I really enjoyed checking out your site. Your report was informative and you are a pretty lady to boot! I'm an electrical contractor and in the process of hiring and delegating a little more so I can slip out with my 22' Wellcraft Sportsman during the week days some. Maybe I'll see you on the water.

Gary M.
Dr. Ball,
I spoke to you a little this year at Bass Pro and the info you gave me there worked great, I'm new to the area and the info on your site is very good. the only ? I have is water depth on the Trout and Puppy Drum........ can you help?
Hello Dr. Julie-
I really enjoy reading your articles and seeing your latest catch. Every time I open a new issue of a fishing magazine, there you are.  You rock!
I love to fish, all species.  Well its the striper season and I have been fishing with my husband quite a bit. So far we have only brought into the boat several 20", but we are patient and waiting for the big boys to start heading our way. I have such an issue finding a deck boot that has a great grip.  I am curious what you wear and/or suggest for winter footwear.
I look forward to your response.
Jen B. / Hayes, VA
Julie, As a fellow Chesapeake angler, I enjoy reading your stories and I definitely take your advice to heart.  I love learning from other anglers that are in the know.  Keep up the great reporting on your website, I check the website every few days to see what’s new.  Thanks, hope to see you on the water some time!




I have been fishing all for lots of years, but always open minded and looking to improve. I tried some of your suggestions with rig bait and hook size and it helped tremendously with the flounder. You have a wonderful website and obviously are one heck of a good fishing instructor.
Thank You for your time.
Gene B., Nags Head



I don't know if you remember my sob story about finally making it back
to the East Coast and finally fishing the Chesapeake Bay... and asking
about the live croaker rig?
All I have to say is thanks for the advice! I landed a couple of nice
flatties this summer and one doormat that that fed four of us one
night! I do miss the salmon fishing in Puget Sound but I forgot how much I missed flounder.
Again, thanks and good fishing!


Hi Julie,
Great seeing you at Bass Pro Shops on Saturday. Loved the seminar on Fish handler's disease. Thanks for the reports and sharing your knowledge with us.
Barry, Suffolk
Dr. Ball:
I read your fishing reports religiously and am amazed that you know where so many different types of fish are hitting. Thank-you for your reports!
Captain Joey B.

Thanks Miss Julie!Also thank you for all your hard work you do for the fishing community, I try to do my part with getting youngsters involved in both fishing and hunting safely & ethically. I enjoy your site too, it is very informative. Release a few for my kids to catch!

What a great website you have, not only informative but fun! You appear to be having the time of your life, keep the momentum going. I need to get busy looking up the many species that were mentioned, I had no idea that VA had so much to offer. I plan to be ready for next year's fun in the sun. I have attached a few photos I thought you would appreciate.
I hope you have a great day.
Matt, Virginia
Dr. Ball,
 Thanks for the great website.  You are certainly proof that there are plenty of opportunities for all of us, men and women, not only on the water but in the woods.  No man could ever inspire women to take to the outdoors the way that you do with your accomplishments, and I'll be sure to share your website with my friend Laura.  Without the participation of women, I seriously doubt that we will be able to preserve the fishing and hunting heritage that is so prominent along the Chesapeake.  Well done!
Mike H.
Cobb Island, Md.

Have been following your articles in the Richmond TD and 'The'Sportman's Magazine'  as long as I have been aware of you...2+ years.  Your entries as to how to fish for specific species are always welcome news and highly appreciated.  Upon learning via the August 2007 edition of the Sportman's Magazine that you now have your own web-site....Well...that is the icing on the cake. Your web site is extremely nice and I'm sure it will be a very popular site for many of your followers and those who do not yet know of you.

As to any suggestions, it would be nice if someone somewhere could real-time (as in weekly) tie together what is going on fishing-wise in the the Virginia tidal salt-water rivers, i.e., James, York, Rappahannock, etc. I say this in view of the fact that many 'fishers' routinely drive many miles to fish those rivers to not really know what the fishing is like at the time of the trip....and most of those 'fishers' do not have the larger boats needed to work the larger waters such as the Chesapeake Bay and the Chesapeake Light Tower.

Sincerely....Welcome aboard and very best wishes in all you do.

Jerry of Prince George, VA 

Hello Dr.Ball,
I read your post about the guy going over the side.It makes you think twice about what can happen when you are out there.Glad to see women involved in fishing and hunting as I grew up with girls right in the thick of it!
Good luck on the next big one....

The very best fishing web page I've found; and I've found many. A great resource for newbies like myself. The 12lb. 11oz. spade my wife is holding has cost me dearly [see photo of a Mckee Freedom 24' which I'll pick up Friday], also a condo is in the works. Nothing like a little success. Hope to see you on the water. Thanks again for the info.

Hal Ausley & Ricochet
Parker 21SE
McKee 24 Freedom

Got this website from a link to a link from the bassbarn.Great reports. I am fishing out of cape may and we had a great weather window this past weekend (4.21 4.22). Stripers are in the Del bay. Tog out on the cape may reef. we are looking for those elusive weak fish to show their heads! Its gonna be hard to work if it stays this nice...
Tight lines...

My name is Tyson. I just moved here from Richmond and I've just started in the Chesapeake scene. Ive seen your success and am interested in some coaching. I have had some success, and since I've just started in the last year, I'm not discouraged. However, my Dad always told me that if you learn from people who know what they are doing, you will eliminate a boat load of wasted time and headache. I have read all of your articles, and saved many of your Tidal fish posts to review before planning trips of my own. Is there anyway that you could help? Thank you for your time.


Hi Julie,
Love the website. The pictures are impressive and there is some good information to be had. I hope to contribute to your photo gallery soon with our own pics.
Andy M.

Hi Julie,
Just wanted to let you know that's some of the best reporting on what's going on around the area waters. Been fishing the area for since 1987 and know the bay and inland water really well.
See you on the water.


Hello Dr. Ball,
It seems that everywhere I look I see a pic of you holding a fish. I am an avid fisherman and love to see pics of record/citation critters and although I'd rather it were me holding them, when I see you there with them, the fish get my second look! Don't let your head get all swelled up though, 'cause I'm just saying that you look better than a fish! lol (is that a compliment?, I'm not sure).

I obviously went to your site and I think it's great. I plan to visit it often and look for more articles. I read several of them and they were really helpful and I plan on using your tactics this spring on Cobia, Tog, and Spades.

I wish I were off and able to attend your seminar on Toggin', maybe next time. I appreciate your taking the time, and expending the effort, to help people who love to fish, and be on the water, by sharing your knowledge and experiences. Keep up the good work!
I'll be lookin' for 'ya on the Bay, Bobby
Dear Julie,
The calanders are great!!!! Thanks for the autographs.
My friend was really surprised when I gave him his.
Hope to see you at one of the shows or on the water.
Thanks again,
I'm really sorry I missed your last speaking engagement at the Richmond boat show but I am eagerly awaiting your next event.
 Once again I would like to thank you for the incredible work that you and your staff have done on this really resourceful web site and I look for to future articles. Keep up the good work.

Keith T.


Hi Doctor Julie,
I enjoyed looking thru some of your pictures of the nice size catches you'
ve made and they certainly do deserve citations . I learned about your
website while searching for info. on fishing the lower Bay area . I love
saltwater fishing and I take my 17 footer from my home here in Boonsboro down to my one Son near Williamsburg and we get on the water in the Hampton Roads area .
I am semi retired and wished I could catch fish like you do . Time seems to be the key and I was wondering how someone with a title as Doctor could find so much time to fish . This question is of no offense but of interest in what your major is with the title " Dr. " .. I think it is wonderful that you take time to go fishing . My wife loves to go saltwater fishing with me when she has time to go . We don' t have the equipment for getting down deep for the big stripers but enjoy going after the schooleys at nite under the I-64 bridge . They give lots of action .
Keep up the good info. you give and tell your webmaster he is doing a good work too !
Tight lines

I found your web site on TidalFish and think it is fantastic!! You are quite the fshrgrl, I'd say!!  I'll keep visiting the site and look forward to the reports!

R. W.

Hey Julie
Wow great web site photo gallary is unbelievable. Saltwater fish are different looking than freshwater thats for sure. Do you ever fish in Canada at all? We are hard water fishing right now 16 ins of ice buy end of season 36-40 ins of ice. I guide in Dauphin Manitoba.
Hope to hear from you and Merry Christmas

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