We got a late start on Saturday afternoon after giving the Women in the Outdoors workshop at Bass Pro that morning. We left the Fishing Center in Rudee Inlet in Virginia Beach at about 4pm after the thunderstorms rolled thorough. We had a live well full of live bait and headed to the Bay Bridge Tunnel inside the Chesapeake Bay for some flounder action. I must be a no flounder catching somebody; all I could hook were throw-backs. I got tired of that pretty quickly, and decided to try for some sheepshead, which have also been eluding me lately. We tried about 7 sets of pilings along the bridge, and only had my fiddler crab taken once, so I switched to my favorite bait, clams. I was about to give up again, and then I finally felt that tellptale tap. I set the hook, and my rod doubled over. Fish on! I was so excited to finally hook a sheepshead! That was the only one of the day. She was really fat, obviously full of roe, so I decided to release her after the weigh in. She weighed in at 10-pounds.


We tried for flounder again on Sunday for a little while, and again I only found Black Seabass, so we decided to try some inshore wrecks. As we pulled up to the first wreck, the water was really clear and there were spadefish everywhere on the surface. Hmmm, let me see if they’re hungry. I tossed a spade rig with clam into the school, and I was instantly hooked up with a 6-pounder. Ok, so they’re biting. No jellyfish around, either. Where’s that fly rod I have been meaning to use on the spades? Now, I’m no fly fishing guru by any means, but I managed fling the thing around enough to get the job done. A week ago, Crab Creek Outfitters helped us out with some cool spadefish flies. Not sure what they are supposed to look like, but the spades were very interested. The flies that worked the best were bright yellow, and fluttered a bit as they sank. The big fish were too smart to hit the fly, but the smaller ones would fight over it. I managed to hook four fish all afternoon, but all were big enough to score as potential Fly World Records! I kept two of the fish to weigh in. It was a pretty cool experience, but a lot of work! See you on the water! Julie

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