Fri, 15 May 2009

Between Soccer and my Dad not being able to fish (he had to have his shoulder fixed again) I havenít had a lot of chances to go fishing out in the Bay or the Ocean so I have been working on my fly fishing. Over Spring Break we went to Disney World and I took my fly rod and some bass and sunfish poppers. I caught a bunch of bass up to 21 in. They were a lot of fun.

After we got home are started fishing our pond a lot. I noticed last year that you could chum up the catfish with dog food, so this year I decided to catch some on a fly. I spun deer hair on a little circle hook and then trimmed it till it looked like dog food. If you throw some dog food out, the cats will come up and grab it. You just put your fly in the chum and wait for the hit. The flies work better if you keep them in a zip lock bag full of dog food so they smell.

We tried to go red drum fishing with Capt Stan on Saturday but it was too windy. Hopefully we will go soon.

Your friend Drew

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